Multi-Use Boxes

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Multi-Use Boxes were developed for the transport of sensitive goods.

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The Multi-Use Boxes were developed for the transport of sensitive goods and can always be reused due to their robustness.

The Multi-Use Boxes are designed to be combined with the Beacon system (TempBeacon, CryoBeacon, SmartBeacon). Permanently integrated inside, a Beacon monitors temperature & humidity (as well as shock) at any time and stores it internally. With the help of barcodes stuck on the outside of the box, the memory of the beacon can be read out via the Tec4App after a simple scan process.

With the help of the SmartHub or SmartLock (lid integration required), the data can be automatically transferred to the Tec4Cloud. From here, the temperature data of the load can be viewed without having to open the package. A transport report on the shipment can also be generated automatically. The Multi-Use Boxes thus offer the highest standard of reusable packaging solutions for last-mile shipments.


• Small Box: 410 x 300 x 290 mm
• Big Box: 610 x 400 x 290 mm

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