PCM Set for High Performance Inlay

PCM set for the “BitoBox incl. High Performance Inlay”. The set includes 4 PCM batteries in each version.

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PCM set for pharmaceutical coolers

Phase-change accumulators (also called phase-change materials, PCM for short) change phase at a deliberately defined temperature range. In the pharmaceutical sector, this is often 4 or 5 °C (for 2-8 °C cold chain) or 20 °C (for 15-25 °C ambient).

Exactly in the desired range, high energy is absorbed by the battery without the battery becoming significantly warmer.

– This enables a long runtime

– PCMs are very temperature stable

– Need to be preconditioned only slightly below the phase-change temperature

This makes it possible, e.g. in the cold chain range (2-8° C), to precondition the batteries in a normal pharmacist’s or household refrigerator at approx. 2-4° C. This saves the costly purchase of a freezer for deep freezing to below -15° C.

Important key data

Tec4med PCMs meet the following requirements for safe transport:

– Phase change temperature is within the desired range

– Non-toxic (to humans/animals), non-carcinogenic

– Does not react with or act as a solvent for packaging materials

– Can be disposed of in the conventional way (No hazardous waste)

– Biodegradable

– At least hardly combustible (high flash point)

– Non corrosive

– Good stability during temperature changes (especially no supercooling)

– Only slight volume deviations depending on temperature

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Temperature range

-25 bis -15 °C
2 bis 8 °C
15 bis 20 °C

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