Syringe Inlay for Multi-Use Boxen

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Syringe Inlay for Multi-Use Boxes (Standard Inlay)

Price includes inlay for a total of 80 syringes: 8 levels for up to 10 syringes each.

Delivery time: 3-5 workdays

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Syringe Inlay for BitoBoxes

The syringe inlay offers safe, temperature-controlled transport of ready-loaded syringes. Shock-resistant material prevents unintentional emptying of the syringes and enables low-vibration transport. The Syringe Inlay is ideally suited for the transport of temperature-sensitive goods such as vaccines, medicines and other sensitive products.

Per container a capacity of up to 80 syringes is possible, this includes 2 side holders and 8 levels on which 10 syringes each can be stored. The syringe inlay is colorless and made of a robust plastic.

The inlay is suitable for all common syringe types and allows the transport of different syringes. We guarantee easy handling as well as uncomplicated and fast filling and insertion and removal of the individual levels.


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